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Now Accepting Offers on a Hofmann Balance Machine!

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Outstanding Offering of a Hofmann 26.1 Horizontal Hard Bearing Dynamic Belt-Driven Precision Balancing Machine. 

This unit is being stored in an air-controlled environment. 


Hofmann 26.1 Horizontal Hard Bearing Dynamic Belt Driven Precision Balancing Machine!


Beverly Byars

Address: 3700 Cohen Place, Lynchburg, VA  24501
Phone: Office: 256-386-6028, Cell: 256-810-8521



  • Buyer's Premium: 18%
  • Payment in full is required within 3 days of the invoice date. A 2% late fee will be added for all payments received after that date.
  • Payment by Wire Transfer
  • Payment by Credit Card or E-Check is available via PayPal


  • Removal Deadline: Removal timeframe is to be established between the buyer and the removal contact. Unclaimed items beyond the removal deadline are subject to additional fees and forfeiture. Please refer to our website rules.
  • Buyers are required to examine all items prior to removing them from the location. If the item differs significantly from how it was represented in the lot description, the Buyer must contact Customer Service prior to removing.
  • Buyer must schedule a removal appointment with the location prior to removal.
  • The Buyer agrees to remove all purchased property from the auction site within the specified removal period. If for any reason the Buyer fails to remove 100% of its purchases on or before the removal deadline, and/or fails to comply with any other conditions or term of sale, CompetiBid may resell such items at public or private sale without further notice, or otherwise dispose of any and all of such items and the Buyer agrees to pay any and all removal and other costs relating to such resale together with all charges, legal fees, interest, and expenses in connection with such sale or disposition, plus a $100.00 per day storage fee per item until such item(s) is (are) removed. These fees and charges are in addition to any fees and default penalties owed per the website rules. The Buyer further agrees that CompetiBid and/or Seller may retain all monies received pursuant to any such resale and apply such monies to any such deficiency without further notice.
  • This Item is being sold AS IS WHERE IS. NO customs, export, or import assistance is available from our Company, the Seller, or the Storage Location. Our Company, Seller, and Storage Location expressly disclaim the appropriateness of this item to be exported from, or imported to, any country. Shipping, logistics, transportation, loading, customs, export, and import activities, and all associated costs, are the sole responsibility of the Winning Buyer.
  • Removal begins Monday, November 7th and must be completed by Tuesday, November 22nd. Removal hours are from 8AM to 4PM. Buyers must be prepared to pay and remove items promptly. Please plan accordingly. A removal appointment is required. Absolutely no drop-ins!


  • Any claims of material shortages in quantity or other material discrepancies of the goods from their posted description must be communicated to customer service immediately.
  • All information included in this lot description was provided by the Seller. The Company makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information.
  • Buyers must comply with all facility safety and insurance requirements.
  • Photos should not be used as a substitute for physical inspection. Flaws or damage may be present that are not visible in the photo(s) and may not be apparent. Purchasing items solely from a photo is done at the Buyer’s own risk. Physical inspection is strongly encouraged.

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Hofmann Horizontal Dynamic Precision Balancing Machine
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Category: Precision Balancing Machine
Item Quantity: 1
Location: Lynchburg, VA

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